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Second Hand Offers

Second Hand Offers

Send us your unwanted discs and we will issue a credit against new discs


Credit Guidance

We all love a bargain and the way the CD market is at the moment there are thousands of CDs on reduced offers at any given time. It is inevitable that this downward price pressure will be reflected in second hand disc values and we have to take this in to account. We offer a fair valuation but only exceptional CDs will warrant top credit. Other criteria are whether the CD has been reissued at a lower price band, the quality or popularity of the artists, the record label and the performance . Also historical recordings, and discs which are also available in box sets will also be subject to lower credit. We regret CDs with a new price of less than £4.50, compilations, samplers etc cannot be accepted.


Either send in an order form with your unwanted disc(s), or we can send you a credit note for you to use at a later date. As prices are constantly changing, we can no longer offer a “blanket” valuation for discs you wish to sell or exchange. Most of our regular customers are happy to leave the valuation of discs to us and to save time you may also prefer to leave the final amounts of the credit to be applied to us. In this case you may enclose a blank cheque, or quote your credit card number, and we will work it out for you. If you would still rather know the amount of credit you will be offered before placing an order then please send the list of discs to be exchanged to us and we will work out the amounts for you. Please send lists by post or email as we regret we cannot give part exchange quotes over the phone for large lists. Please always include catalogue numbers when submitting lists. (We reserve the right to refuse discs, or vary our quotes once discs have been received.)