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The Woods opened in Bognor Regis on 31st July 1982. Can it really be twenty seven years ago? Unknown to us the town had organised a carnival to celebrate and until a couple of years ago did so on our anniversary every year. We're pleased to say that the carnival tradition was relaunched this year.

The retail shop was originally set up & run by myself, Trevor Flack and my wife Hazel by selling up our house in London to move into rented accommodation and use the collateral to fund the business. We are pleased to say we are still here and still married. Hazel after the first seven years in the business is now employed elsewhere. This has the three benefits of not having to be with me twenty four hours a day, enabling us to have holidays again and bringing in a steady income to the household throughout the ups & downs of the record business.

One of the downs occurred when the then named “Our Price” opened in Bognor Regis. From my experience I knew we wouldn’t survive as we were and so we embraced the fledgling CD format with open arms and the first “Compact Disc Club” selling a full range of CDs by mail order to the public was advertised in Gramophone and Which CD. This proved to be a case of being in the right place at the right time and the shop and mail order grew together for many years..

We’ve always tried to keep things simple and have always tried to offer the best service and prices whether your tastes are Mozart or Miles Davis and fortunately enough of you have liked what we do to keep coming back and keep it all going. Indeed some of our customers who responded to our early adverts are still with us today.

The beginning of 2008 has brought about another major change when we reluctantly had to close our shop and focus our services on the mail order and develop our internet sales. We should have guessed when the town stopped holding its annual carnival that it was coming but a continued decline in customers coupled with continued increases in costs forced the change. Although sad the shop was a drain on time and resources and we now have the time again to focus on individual customer service. This is why although the internet side is always growing we still publish our phone numbers for "human" contact.

After myself the lynch pin, focus, cog around which the whole operation rotates is Jackie Hodgson who has now been with us for over seventeen years and we were proud to present her with a gold disc to celebrate her 10th anniversary. This now has pride of place on her wall at home.

We are also aided and abetted by Angela who does most of the packing into jiffies and also helps in the office and also mention must go to Hazel who as well as having her own career also fits in being both, (unpaid) accountant and financial adviser for the business.

We’ve always based our decisions on longevity over short term gain and we hope you will continue to see a steady improvement in our web site. We hope you like what you find and can buy what you want. If you need any help we are still just a phone call away and we also hope you will still be reading this for many years to come.

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        How to contact us        Join our e-mailing list